Wondering what I’ve been sewing?  Here are the patterns and blog posts so far:

  • Colette Sorbetto tank top (free pattern here): details of the first two, the second two, the third three, and there are even a few more hanging out in my closet (such as the Galaxy sorbetto!).  This is an extremely easy and versatile top.
  • Colette Madeleine bloomers (free pattern here): I’ve only made a muslin so far, and I think I prefer looser shorts to wear around the house so I may not make these again without major alterations.
  • Colette Laurel dress and blouse (pattern here + free extras): I’ve made one Laurel blouse (details here).
  • Colette Zinnia skirt (pattern here): I’ve made two Zinnias so far, one of which you can see hereThe other I altered to have an elastic waist so that it would be comfortable for hiking.
  • A hand bag inspired by the Colette Cooper bag, and a matching clutch.
  • A silk slip (free pattern here): extremely comfortable and easy to make.  A perfect project for someone who hasn’t sewn silks before.
  • Colette Moneta dress (pattern here): a perfect knit dress that I’ve made with and without a cowl neck.  And also a maxi version (perfect for maternity wear!).
  • Colette Mabel skirt (pattern here): three versions, only one of which is wearable, but that’s my own fault for measuring incorrectly and being opposed to actually wearing mini skirts.  More recently, I also severely altered the pattern to make a longer, looser version in black organic cotton jersey.
  • Another bag, this one for baby things.
  • A pair of Manila leggings from Seamwork in a lightweight mystery jersey blend.
  • A pair of Geneva panties from Seamwork in undyed organic cotton jersey.

There are a lot more projects in the works though.  Here are some other patterns I have that haven’t become garments yet:

Finally, here are some resources for sewing or knitting supplies:


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