Cheese Making

After more than a couple false starts, we are finally trying our hand at making cheese and other fermented dairy products.  Below is our self-assembled cheese making course, pulled mainly from recipes on the internet.  We will try to keep our progress up to date, complete with posts describing our successes (and failures too, in case you were worried).

The Petanna Cheese Making Course

  1. Yogurt (recipe here): this has been a great success!
  2. Greek yogurt: strain the yogurt to make it thicker.  Or add salt to make Labneh.
  3. Neufchatel (recipe here)
  4. Ricotta (recipes here and here): made using whey left over from other cheese recipes.
  5. Paneer (recipe here)
  6. Basic 1 gallon milk plain cheese (recipe here, and for 5 gallons here)
  7. Feta (recipe here)
  8. Haloumi (recipe here)
  9. Gjetost (recipe here): Norwegian cheese made using leftover whey
  10. Fresh mozzarella (recipe here)
  11. Italian mozzarella (recipe here)

Help for the beginning cheese maker can be found at the following websites:

Dr. Fankhauser’s website on beginning cheese making and a full list of recipes.

The Cheese Forum

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