An Almost-Audrey Hat


For my second knitting project, I decided to step it up a notch and try something that, before finishing my fingerless gloves, would have made me run screaming in the opposite direction.  But no more!  I declare my fear of knitting patterns good and truly dead.  Which is convenient, because there is a magical world of free knitting patterns online for anything you can imagine.  In this case, the only thing I could imagine was a hat to keep some distance between me and what was quickly becoming a nippy November.  Why does someone who grew up on the East Coast not own a hat?  Good question.



After using cotton yarn for my fingerless gloves, I thought I would give wool a try.  After all, nothing is so wool like a winter hat.  To reduce scratchiness, I used a wool and bamboo rayon blend by Stitch Nation called Bamboo Ewe in the lovely grey shade Mercury.  I had a 100 g skein and didn’t use all of it.  For the pattern, I followed the Audrey Hat pattern from the Fringe Hatalong No. 1, mostly.  I didn’t have the right circular needle size/length, so I was forced to knit the whole thing on double-pointed needles, and after finishing the ribbing, realized that there was no way I would be able to add the suggested number of stitches without having a good fraction fall off the needles mid-knit.  After casting on 88 stitches (onto three needles) as called for, I added 8 more post-ribbing, one every 11 stitches, to end up with 96 total, which is evenly divisible by 12, the repeat length of the chevron pattern.  Then I repeated the pattern three times for a fitted hat.  Unlike the Hatalong pictures, my almost-Audrey hat clings to the head like a beanie.  I don’t mind, it will stay on better that way.


By some miracle, my almost-Audrey hat and fingerless gloves both match one of my favorite scarves beautifully.  Almost all of my yarn was gifted from my mom’s extensive collection, providing limited color choices, but in this instance it worked out.  Unfortunately for the future tidiness of our apartment, my yarn stash is growing at a much faster rate than my knitting projects are completed.  In fact, since starting to knit again, I have pulled out as many knitting projects as I’ve finished (the ear-warmer headband was sacrificed in place of a proper hat and the boot toppers were too thick to fit between my calves and boots).  Oh well, it means I’ve practiced following a couple more patterns, learned that I much prefer knitting in the round to knitting on straight needles, and that I don’t know nearly enough about knitting yet to make up my own patterns.


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