A Galaxy Sorbetto

galaxy sorbetto

You may remember that I have a slight, err, problem, when it comes to Colette Sorbettos.  The truth of it is, I haven’t gone clothes shopping for more than shoes, socks, and tights since I started sewing over a year ago now.  And as the only shirt style I have tried to sew and actually liked wearing is the sorbetto, they now take up considerable real estate in the closet.  What with a return to sewing separates in a multitude of mabels, it occurred to me that I finally have a good excuse for making a similar number of tops.  That, and I was gifted the most lovely astronomy-themed fabric by my sewing friend Alicia.  Seriously, this fabric is out of this world! (ehem, sorry about that)  I’ve seen quite a few space or galaxy themed fabrics floating around the sewing blogosphere, but nothing that compares to the real thing… until now.

neck line

Unfortunately (for viewing purposes), I decided to use the darkest sections of the fabric for my newest sorbetto experiment, but you can still see the splatter of stars in what reminds me of an image of our very own Galaxy.  Since the fabric is so light, I decided to make a looser fit sorbetto, sewing the pleat only at the top.  I have a black tank top that I wear underneath to keep things PG.

bottom hem

If scientists had uniforms based on their area of research, mine would involve a whole dress made out of this fabric (for example this beauty here).  But before you get too excited about a Galaxy dress, I should tell you that it isn’t happening any time soon.  You see, this fabric was tricky to work with and is so sheer that I would have to line it, a skill with which I am still unacquainted.  I was actually so frustrated with this fabric that I ended up finishing the neck and arm holes by hand, just so I wouldn’t have to make and attach bias tape.

One final note: I’m not the only person obsessed with sorbettos, for example see this, that, or the other.

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