Food Stumbled Over


Photo of delicious pot roast from the pot roast recipe.

While there hasn’t been a lot of food blogging lately, that doesn’t mean we’ve been starving to death.  Between the baked potatoes, sweet potato fries, and popcorn we have been known to call dinner, there were a few gems worth sharing, even if they were inhaled before the camera was found or even thought of.  In absolutely no particular order, I invite you on a tour de food found on the internet:

  • The best pot roast we’ve ever made.  Meat falls apart after being heavily browned.  I’m sure the homemade wine doesn’t hurt either.
  • You’re going to hate me for telling you about this, but it’s surprisingly easy to make your own peanut butter cups with way better chocolate than any brand bought in a store (even a health food store, and I should know, because I’ve tried THEM ALL!).  I forgot to sprinkle salt on the top of mine.  Wups, I guess that means I need to make these again.
  • It turns out dumpling wrappers are ridiculously easy to make yourself.  What’s less easy is having the patience to roll and fill them all.  This reminds me that I need to find that recipe from Dan for puffy/spongy dough for wrapping dumpling filling.  Apparently I have a serious dumpling addiction!
  • Pretty good lentil soup or dahl recipe using red lentils.  As proof let me tell you that Peter likes it so much he is willing to make it himself and Peter does not make soup.
  • I sometimes forget how delicious eggplant parmesan is, but cooking eggplant on the stove frustrates me — something about the way it soaks up oil until it’s obviously drenched, by which point it’s clear you’ve gone too far.  Thank you Mario for reminding me to just bake the mofos and move on with my day.
  • This is from the archives, but I recently made the most heavenly dark chocolate pudding pie using this crust recipe (my favorite) and something like this pudding recipe (except we didn’t have enough sugar, so I just added lots of dark chocolate chips… the final consistency was veering towards ganache territory).

And finally, a friend graciously gave us a bag of lemons and a box of persimmons this week, which left me wondering whether it might be possible to make persimmon-lemon bars.  That and we are out of sugar, and Peter is using it as a way to keep me from baking decadent desserts (perhaps someone should remind him that it’s not in his best interest, seeing as he loves sweets as dearly as I do).  It turns out that a recipe for persimmon-lemon bars already exists, although a shortbread crust sounds more tasty. I’ll have to report back once our persimmons are finally ripe.

2 thoughts on “Food Stumbled Over

  1. I made dumplings (well, “potstickers”) with JI over summer for the first time and it actually worked great with 1/2 AP flour and 1/2 white whole wheat. I’m sure it’s only more ‘healthy’ in my head but I have been trying to use at least half whole wheat for everything these days – harder with vegan stuff since it tends to already be dense. But great for things like potato-squash pancakes 🙂 I’m planning on trying a 100% white whole wheat version of dumpling wrappers sometime soon.
    Thanks for the link to the awesome PB cup recipe! I was looking for something not too extreme to bring to NC for Thanksgiving, and something that wouldn’t dry out… I think those might be it.

    • Let me know how the whole wheat dumpling wrappers go! I should also probably try making them with some whole wheat flour, or at least white whole wheat, but with Peter’s bread baking there is often a flour shortage of one sort or another. I have to warn you, the peanut butter cups are really good!!! Using dark chocolate helps somewhat in that they are so rich you can only eat one or two.

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