Mabel Overload

Version 3

It has taken me three versions of Mabel to get it right, but oh how right it is!  Version 1 entailed stretchy denim and is officially the most bootilicious piece of clothing I will ever own.  I thought about modeling it for you, but since I won’t even wear it outside, such a feat would take one too many margaritas.  For version 2 I overcompensated and used a stretchier black ponte knit and increased the size by one; the skirt almost doesn’t stay up, and I’m at a loss for how to fix it without adding absurd amounts of bulk to the waist (not, I imagine, a flattering look).  To be honest, I didn’t even finish hemming the bottom, not that it matters with knits.  Finally, for version 3 I used the original size of the stretchy denim version, flared the skirt pattern pieces, and added extra length; it is dreamy!  Soft, fluttery, and stays up while remaining work-appropriate.  I used a soft cotton-poly mix in a cream color.  Now I just need one in every color, or at least a color that isn’t partially see-through… Maybe with version 4 I’ll finally get it right!

Version 3 full skirt view

Pros: the Mabel pattern is extremely forgiving.  I’m too lazy to separately alter the front and back, so the pattern has exactly two pieces.  Yes, it makes alterations (such as adding a full skirt) almost too easy.  Next up might be a maxi length version for “winter” time.

Version 3 waist band

Cons: for the love of all things sacred, why didn’t I add pockets?  I realize that a mini skirt with hidden/invisible pockets doesn’t really work, but I was just being dense when I made the full skirted version without them.  I am now reminded of my short sightedness every time I wear version 3 because I have nowhere to put my office keys during the day (this may not sound like such a hardship, but my office mates haven’t been in much lately, so the chance of locking myself out is distressingly high).

Next up, I will have to share my galaxy sorbetto, and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds!

Version 1

Version 2




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