Two Days in Cambridge

View from the train to Cambridge

This post could alternatively be titled “Of Cider and Cheese”.  After our brief romp around London, we took the train to Cambridge, which, it happens, is out in the boonies.  As proof, there are cows grazing on Jesus Green next to downtown Cambridge, literally a stone’s throw away from the Cambridge Beer Festival.  Within an hour of dropping off our bags at “The Stables”, Peter and I found ourselves armed with pint glasses and an array of probably hundreds of beers, ciders, perries, wines, and meads.  I was so overwhelmed that I decided to stick with cider and Peter to (mostly) beer.  Between a “cheese plate” with three large hunks of cheese served with a fourth of a loaf of bread and a very extensive chocolate stand, I tried nearly 10 different types of ciders.

River in Cambridge

Bread and three kinds of cheese (one of them a cheddar)

Cider (left) and perry (right)

Peter tried stouts, a red ale, and a perry.  After they kicked us out of the Beer Festival (ok, so they kicked everyone out), we meandered to the center of Cambridge and finally to the Cambridge Public Library where we took naps.  Feeling refreshed, we dined at a Turkish restaurant before finally hiking home.  Yet another fabulous day in England.

More river

Pink punting boat!

Day two in Cambridge was less fun because I had to go to work and give a talk.  While I was picking at the rather awful food in the Churchill College dining hall, Peter was eating sausage and pastries between trips to an outside market and the Fitzwilliam Museum.  At least he remembered our unspoken rule that whoever is on the trip for fun buys local delicacies for the one who is working.  Peter brought back a large loaf of whole wheat bread and a small round of cheddar cheese called Little Black Bomber.  They were both very tasty!

Little Black Bomber and bread

In lieu of more English food, we went French for dinner at the Cote Brasserie, where I had yet more cider (Breton this time) and a delightful beef bourguignon with chocolate mousse for dessert.


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