April Garden Tour

The main garden Greetings from Boston!  The beginning of spring on the East Coast is truly lovely.  All over the place trees are covered in fat buds and the first wave of bulbs are starting to flower.  It is in stark contrast to my garden at home where the tomato plants are over a foot tall and a first wave of corn is already planted.  While the garden may look a bit bare, it’s because the summer plants are still quite small or only just sprouting.  As shown above, I’ve started some pole beans outside the main garden fence, as well as a wall of garlic around what will be the cucumber patch.  The milk jugs are keeping the second set of tomato plants and some parsley sprouts warm.

The new gardenIn the new garden (above), the potato plants are taking up lots of space.  The pile of straw is a sheet mulching experiment that should provide a very fertile bed for summer squash (the sprouts are still too short to see in the photo).  There are also leek sprouts, purple bush beans, arugula, and a patch of corn.

The other garden

I finally finished the right-hand bed in the other garden.  Part of it is a doubly-enclosed space for lettuces and other delicate greens, while the other half has mostly been sheet mulched (to kill the weeds) except where I planted a rhubarb start that was looking for a home.  The left-hand bed now sports swiss chard, lacinato kale, purple bush beans, and some heirloom lettuce plants that magically appeared.

Overall, the garden is coming along nicely!  There will be a lot more fruit plants this year (mostly raspberries and strawberries), and I finally have enough space elsewhere (in the other garden) to fill the entire main garden with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and melon.  Happy gardening!


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