The Other Garden

Chives!  My nemesis... I have tried to grow chives from seed for the last year, and it always fails...

At the risk of sounding like I don’t already have a full-time job, this week I officially annexed another garden plot from the community gardens.  This brings my garden count up to three and a half (the half being the area between two of my plots large enough for a lemon tree plus plenty of flowers).  The new plot is quite a score, with two long beds edged with bricks and a variety of plants already thriving after the brief winter rains: culinary sage, chives, rampant arugula, raspberries, strawberries, nasturtiums, red-veined sorrel, and a purple-leafed kale plant.  I’ve already weeded one of the beds and amended the soil with compost, trimmed the raspberry bushes, planted a few baby kale plants, and weeded and mulched the pathways (with extensive help from Peter).  There’s plenty more work to be done, but at least I can walk around all the beds without falling into a gopher hole or tripping over trash.  Seriously, I don’t know what went down in the garden under its previous care-taker’s watch; I found tupperware, a spoon, a beer bottle, random pipes, a rusted trowel head, a hat, a skein of yarn, two gloves that don’t match, and a rather rusty pair of pruners.

Here is the garden after the trash was taken out and some of the weeds were pulled:


Before (left bed)

And here is the garden today, after being mulched and otherwise pampered:


After (left bed)

While this garden is my newest, Peter and I determined that it would be too confusing to rename the new garden (that I adopted last fall) to something else and this most recent acquisition to the new garden.  So this garden is henceforth the “other” garden.  Hopefully its unexciting name will help me keep some emotional distance, since the other garden could be taken away from me at any time by the garden coordinator if enough people decide they want to start gardening… I just hope it’s after raspberry season!

Red-veined sorrel adds a delicious lemony flavor to salads


4 thoughts on “The Other Garden

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  2. Love the “other garden”! It sounds like it has so much to offer. Why don’t you give up the old garden and transplant everything to the “other garden” and ask for this to be your garden. Just an idea…

    • Unfortunately the other garden is significantly smaller than my official garden, and its fencing is in dire need of repair, so I’m pretty happy with things as they currently stand.

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