Asparagus, Fava Beans, and Shelling Peas

Asparagus from the garden

One of my goals this spring has been to eat more produce from the garden.  While it was looking a bit hairy for a while, with kale hand-offs and fava bean greens (because none of the more traditional greens were big enough to eat), the warmer weather has improved the situation.  One of my favorite quick dishes now is asparagus, fava beans, and shelled peas browned in olive oil.  The vegetables get nice and crispy in places, the fava beans break out of their skins, and the whole thing takes almost no time to put together.  While the mixture is good on its own, I also enjoy adding it, still warm, to a salad of lettuces and sauteed bread cubes.

Peas from the garden

We’ve been on a low-key food kick lately, if you couldn’t tell by the lack of posted recipes.  Many nights of eating baked sweet potato fries with the ketchup we made over the summer or various iterations of lentil soup and its closely related cousin lentil dahl.  To fill in the gaps, Peter’s been baking sourdough bread, sourdough pita bread, and of course sourdough pancakes.  Our sourdough starter, Atlantis II (Atlantis the first died a terrible drawn-out death at the back of the fridge before we learned about sourdough pancakes) was a bit under the weather for a while, causing all Peter’s breads to sort of flop instead of puff when they were baked.  It was rather tragic, especially as it coincided with Peter starting to experiment with partially whole-wheat sourdough bread, so that for a while we were convinced that whole wheat sourdough bread was just terrible.  Eventually, using the power of science, we figured out that the whole wheat bread was not to blame.  Sort of.  It was the whole wheat flour we were feeding to our starter, not the fact that the bread was part whole wheat.  Apparently whole wheat flour has all sorts of natural yeasty beasties in it that compete with the sourdough starter yeast and can cause it to become a less powerful rising/fermenting agent.  Who knew!?!  Now that the sourdough starter is back on a 100% white flour diet, it is doing much better, and Peter has made some pretty darn delicious (partially) whole wheat sourdough loaves.  Maybe with some gentle prodding I can get him to post his whole wheat sourdough recipe.

Asparagus and shelling peas

2 thoughts on “Asparagus, Fava Beans, and Shelling Peas

    • This is my first year growing shelling peas, and other than the annoyance of the shelling aspect, they are delightful, with a fresh starchy flavor when raw, like corn. I keep munching on them in the garden, so it was near miraculous that there were any to photograph…

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