A Matching Clutch

Bag and clutch

Unfortunately, the pockets in my recently completed hand bag are less than sufficient, and I only realized this after taking it out for a test drive to the library.  I could only think of two ways to fix it:

  1. Take apart the hand bag lining and put in larger pockets, perhaps with flaps or elastic at the edges to keep things from falling out.
  2. Sew a bag in a bag, e.g. a clutch, where I could keep the most important stuff.

The clutch

Since the thought of having to re-sew my hand bag made me feel a bit nauseous, I went with option two.  Clutches, it turns out, are incredibly easy to improvise.  I used the same mustard yellow linen blend fabric for the outside of the clutch so that it would match the hand bag, and participated in a wee bit of recycling by harvesting the zipper from a pair of Peter’s old jeans.  The only thing I would like to improve in future iterations is to use a fabric with more structure; I used scraps of white canvas left over from the hand bag to give the bottom corners of the clutch more shape, but it would have been nicer to include a full canvas layer.

Mustard yellow linen blend body
Navy and white plaid cotton lining
Recycled zipper

The end of the clutch

It looks sort of like a snail

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