A Hand Bag Inspired by the Colette Cooper

The bagFor some reason I thought it would be fun to make up a design for a hand bag.  You might argue that this doesn’t sound fun at all, and indeed there was a certain large amount of cursing as I realized I had no idea what on Earth I was doing.  However, in the process of researching how one goes about constructing a bag in the first place, I came across the Colette Cooper bag sew along and determined that “following the Cooper pattern closely” for my first bag was probably the sanest option.  Now what does following a pattern closely actually mean?  Well, for me it basically involved some freehand drawing and, err, guessing as to the actual dimensions of things.  While I would not suggest this method for articles of clothing, where fit is as important as the style details, it worked miraculously well for a bag. I found instructions on making the bottom of the bag square and ideas for structural integrity.  While my bag ended up looking sort of similar to a Cooper, what with the sloping sides, two piece front/back, and continuations of the handle straps down the sides of the bag, my version is a lot less complex.  It doesn’t have nearly the same number of pockets, no flap over the top, and zero hardware.  If I were to make a backpack with all the extra straps/flaps etc., I would most definitely buy the Cooper pattern before wasting time getting all the little pieces the right size.  In the end, I really like my version, and going through the process of bag-making even once has made the entire enterprise much less intimidating.  Perhaps when my trusty backpack wears out I’ll make myself a custom replacement, soft computer pocket and all.


white canvas bottom and straps
mustard yellow linen blend body
white patterned cotton lining


Lining detail


3 thoughts on “A Hand Bag Inspired by the Colette Cooper

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