A Mustard-gold Zinnia


Here is a blog post I wrote months ago and only just remembered.  Work has been a bit crazy as of late.  And travel.  More on that soon.  Until then, pretend it’s early October:

Last week Peter and I took a trip to Boston to see friends.  It was a glorious week of eating too much, drinking (almost too much), and catching up with some of my favorite people.  One of the friends we stayed with, Anna, recently adopted a long-haired calico kitten that is, as she put it, in the upper tail of the bell curve of cuteness.  I completely concur, and was only too happy to let him chase our motionless feet under the covers at all hours of the night.

To distract myself from kitten withdrawal after returning to California, there was nothing to do but attempt what seemed an impossible feat: to sew a Zinnia skirt, lined, with pockets, and no fusible interfacing for the waist band.  Perhaps this doesn’t sound so daunting to those of you who know how to sew, but, you see, there were no specific instructions for what I wanted to do (only, make a lined skirt OR a skirt with pockets), and to make matters worse I was suffering from a head cold.  The whole process took three days (although not three WHOLE days, thank goodness): one day to tape together the printable PDF pattern and cut it out (this part is rather tedious and I prefer to do it late at night when my mind is no longer capable of rational thought), one day to cut out the fabric, decide how I was going to alter the pattern by not having fusible interfacing and adding pockets to the lined dress instructions, and to sew up everything except the bottom hems (ok, this took me most of the day), and finally, one day to finally get around to sewing the bottom hems because oh man was I sewed out from the second day.


On the bright side, I have never sewed anything so challenging, what with the pockets, the impromptu lined waist band, and my first ever invisible zipper.  And while I sometimes finish a sewing project and think “Hmmmm, maybe I should take a shot of tequila before wearing this out of the house”, I am absurdly proud of how nice this skirt looks.  You can barely tell that it even HAS pockets.  Oh, and did you notice the fabric-covered button???  Yup, I made that too, although “assembled” might be more accurate.

More of the inside


  • Main fabric: mustard-yellow linen blend that is too scratchy for comfortable contact directly with my skin (hence the lining).
  • Lining fabric: greyish light-weight cotton fabric originally labeled for children’s pj’s.  It is very soft and doesn’t add too much extra bulk.
  • Details: one invisible zipper, one fabric-covered button, and hidden side-pockets added between the main and lining fabrics.
  • Alterations: other than the addition of pockets, I also changed the waistband to be the main fabric on the outside and the lining fabric on the inside and didn’t use fusible interfacing to add structure.  The waistband turned out perfectly rigid and wonderfully soft on the inside.
  • Would I make another one?  Um, YES!  I already have two more planned out.  Now I just need another weekend of head-cold induced house arrest.

Fabric covered button on the back

Have any of you made anything awesome recently?


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