Syrah and a Site Transfer

Hello devoted followers,

It is with heavy heart that I relate to you the passing of the laptop (that is, the laptop that was hosting She has been retired after years of dedicated service. Henceforth, the blog too shall return to meet its maker–that is, it shall be hosted on (whence the blogging software came). The fact that you’re reading this means that the redirection I set up with the nameserver was successful. So, soldier on, brave friend.

In other news, things are quite busy in a non-cooking way around our household. The garden has made its transition to winter–I’m sure Anna will have a post on that sooner or later. The syrah has been pressed and even racked once (though I think it will need another racking soon). My Birthday Beer is currently fermenting–a post on that soon as well.

I’ll leave you with my graph of (syrah) Brix vs time:

Brix vs Time, with fit

I tried an exponential fit, and while I think it captures the qualitative behavior (it being a biological system and all) it doesn’t get the asymptotic value, which is what I was looking for. (I measured it to be about -1 Brix.)