Sorbettos and a Laurel

If you thought I had gotten sorbettos out of my system, think again!  While much of the country has moved on to another season, we’ve been trucking through the summeriest month of all, at least in these parts: September.  Naturally, when the temperature rises I want to exist in a state that’s as close to naked as possible (my neighbor’s two young kids have me beat by a long shot though, waddling around with no clothes on at all on a regular basis).  Even the mere idea of sleeves sends me staggering toward the freezer and a chilly stiff drink.  Hence the sorbetto tank top, the easiest sleeveless shirt of them all.

Of course there are other versions of sleeveless shirts, albeit a tad more involved.  In an effort to veer out of my sorbetto rut, I tried my first Laurel out recently, making the blouse version.  It sews up almost exactly like a sorbetto, except there are more seams in the back (the back is actually two panels and includes two darts), the front darts are sharper, the shoulder straps are wider, and I think I was supposed to attach the bias tape to the inside.  The result is slightly more fitted than a sorbetto, but I must admit, not quite as comfortable.  Part of my perceived discomfort is certainly due to my choice of fabric, a berry-colored polyester that burns quite easily (seriously, a small section of the final shirt is a bit singed), but mostly I think I just don’t enjoy the wide shoulder straps and high neck-line.  I will definitely try making another Laurel blouse in cotton.  For research purposes.

In other exciting news, I bought the new Zinnia skirt pattern and am anxiously awaiting Peter doing laundry this weekend to pre-shrink some mustard yellow linen for my first one.  When I went to Hawaii last March, I realized that light gathered skirts were exceedingly comfy for hikes across the bottom of volcano craters.  Since learning that I was returning to Hawaii at the end of October (for astronomical purposes, of course), I’ve been dreaming of sewing up a whole slew of comfy hiking skirts.