Canning in 2013

This is a photograph of the largest continuous cupboard in my kitchen.  Yes it isn’t very big, and yes, strangely it’s filled almost completely with canning jars.  It’s been this way (nearly empty of actual food) for multiple months now.  In the bottom left are the last few jars from last year’s canning fest; clearly the pickled carrots and beets were the least popular.  Notice, however, that the second and third shelves also have filled jars, which I’m very happy to announce are the first stuffs to be put up in 2013!  There’s still, clearly, a ways to go.  But with any daunting task, it helps to make a list (and then ignore it), so here is the canning plan for 2013.  Almost all of the recipes are from Canning for a New Generation, many of which I made last year, but there are also a couple newbies to keep morale high.



  • Honeyed Bread-and-Butter Pickles (0/7 pints)
  • Quicker Kosher Dills (0/4 quarts)

Salsa, Hot Sauce, and other Tomato Things:

What am I missing???


2 thoughts on “Canning in 2013

  1. Yes, dilly beans were definitely my favorite pickle from last year, but they aren’t Peter’s favorite, so we compromised that he would help me can (which he didn’t do too much of last year) if we only made things he really wanted to eat. You better believe that if there are any pints left over there will be some serious dilly bean action! I also keep seeing okra at the Farmer’s Market and immediately think of those divine okra pickles you fed me last May… do you remember what sort of spices were used?

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