A Sorbetto Problem

Soon after posting about my first pair of sorbettos, a fit of inspiration struck and all of a sudden my sorbettos had multiplied.  I blame it on the near panic that is induced whenever I think about the hot and humid East Coast summer and the thought that I may have to endure one ever again.  You see this week I am going back to visit my family in New York State, with a brief stop in Ohio (for work) before and after.  The thought of this trip has been making me nervous because one of the major holes in my wardrobe is hot weather shirts, and with my impending trip to the jowls of hell, there is no such thing as too much preparation.  And so the sorbettos multiplied, until Peter asked whether I ever intended to sew anything else, and I promptly moved on to knickers.

For my third sorbetto, I tried to mix things up a little.  No central pleat due to the already busy striped pattern, a thicker bias tape around the neck and arm holes, and I reused the fabric from the skirt of a dress that no longer fits but that I am emotionally attached to because it reminds me of a Jane Austen movie dress (fitted until directly under the bust and then unfitted and flowing the rest of the way down).

For the fourth sorbetto, I gave up on simplicity and added in the pleat again, but used a linen blend in mellow creamy lemon yellow.  I think this is my favorite sorbetto yet; it’s hard to see in the photos, but where the fabric is in more than one layer (for the pleat and neck/arm/torso edges) it forms an even darker and creamier shade of yellow.  I wore the lemon yellow sorbetto wine tasting over the weekend, and it held up to picnicking, driving in the car for a couple hours, and general tipsy-induced clumsiness without barely a wrinkle or instant of discomfort.

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