Sorrento; or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the tourist

Sorrento was by far the most touristy place that we visited. Just across from the island of Capri, which has been a vacation getaway since the time of the Roman emperors, you might say that tourism is in the blood–or the soil, I suppose. The area has been a destination for English lotus eaters for at least a century as well. The reason for that is obvious: take a look around!

View from the B&B. That is actually looking over a pub/disco that was a bit loud on Friday and Saturday night.
View in the other direction. The whole town is built among some pretty dramatic slopes.
Closeup of said dramatic cliffs, complete with gawking tourists (like us).
Every building angles for a view of the ocean. Given the steepness of the hills, it’s not a problem.
Marina Grande. It’s actually the smaller marina; the ferries go to the other one.
The middle marina. I forget the name–Marina Piccola? The big one is on the far side.
A pier. Not sure how much use this guy gets.
Sunning spots at Marina Grande. You actually have to rent the deck chairs there. Go figure.
Vesuvius! We’ve rotated our view of the volcano by 90 degrees or so, having taken the (aptly-named) Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento.

One final note, if you are ever in Sorrento, go to Inn Bufalito, a restaurant and mozzarella bar.  We ate here maybe four times and each time was amazing.  Yes, Anna may have a mozzarella problem.

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