Naples, Day 2; or, look out, photos ahoy!

The conference is in a building directly across from the waterfront. While Anna can only look out over the water, I am free to range up and down the coast.

Anna is at a workshop. I am on vacation. A good deal for me, no? To make up for it, have some pictures.

The other end of the bay of Naples.
Clouds over Naples. It threatened rain all day, but in fact the intermittent protection from the sun was a boon to this city-walker.
Somebody’s tomb. Giacomo Leopardi, apparently. I think it was the guy who restored Virgil’s tomb.
The view from Virgil’s resting place. (In truth, it’s actually a bit better than this; the railroad tracks are not as prominent as they appear in this picture.)
Virgil’s Tomb. Traditionally the urns with the cremated remains were placed in the holes in the wall (so it said). The stand in the middle has written offerings to Virgil (mostly in Italian, so I don’t know if he can read them). While it looks run down and depressing, it’s actually quite calm and restful. The location up and out of the way of the rest of the city is probably the best part.
Entrance to the Roman Tunnel. This is the oldest or longest or something-or-other-est Roman Tunnel ever. It was built to ease communication between Neapolis and whatever is on the other end of the tunnel. It was also apparently a favorite of Virgil’s (hence the burial location).
Vesuvius! More attractive and quaint than threatining, at this point. That will all change soon, I’m sure.
Vesuvius! Again! This time looking over part of the marina. There are a lot of fancy yachts round these parts.
A Neapolitan street. I don’t remember where or why I took this picture, but it gives a pretty good flavor as to the look of the city.
Pistacceria di Scaturchio was recommended both by Anna’s Italian advisor and my guide book. I had a ministeriale–bottom left–a ganache-filled chocolate medallion whose ingredients are top-secret.

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