And then there was Naples

Well, I can now say that I may have discovered a hotel in Europe that I would gladly return to: Attico Partenopeo, in Naples, Italy.  Why, you might ask?  Well, as you may have realized by now, I have this thing for plants, and our hotel room, in addition to being decorated in a modern minimalistic style (yet still colorful, if the orange with black polka dots tiled bathroom is any indication), has a balcony filled with climbing vines in bloom that looks out over a busy Neapolitan street with views of a majestic building on a hill in one direction and Mt. Vesuvius in the other.  There’s also the fact that I will be able to eat breakfast out on a similar balcony filled with even more brilliantly blooming plants.

I was just telling Peter how exhausted I get when I’m in the state of mind where it’s boring and depressing to spend time in our hotel room, since I wear myself out finding excuses to stay outside.  Well, I seem to have gotten my wish, because I foresee evenings with a bottle of limoncello out on the balcony after an unbelievable margherita pizza in my future (actually, all I lack tonight is the limoncello).


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