One Day in Rome

The colosseum, although we didn’t go inside because the line was what seemed like infinitely long, and it was way too hot for pants

Well, I didn’t think we could get through half the list of recommended restaurants and see many of the main attractions (at least from the outside, as I’m terrible about waiting in lines) during our first full day in Rome, but I guess I’ve outdone myself.  That or I’m going to wake up next morning unable to move, as we spent literally the entire day walking or eating (10am to 10:30pm).  Here are a couple shots we squeezed in between meals.

Random ruins overrun by homeless cats (I counted at least 6). This partially made up for not waiting in line to see the Fora.

Now where did we eat, might you ask?  You probably shouldn’t ask such questions in person, by the way, or you might never get a word in edgewise.

  • Lunch: “da Giggetto” in the Jewish Ghetto. Great carciofi alla giudia (Jewish style artichokes), and because I can’t help myself when it comes to cheese, we also ate a ball of buffalo mozzarella; it wasn’t quite as good as the buffalo mozzarella I had in Florence last year, but I expect the quality will improve as we go further south.
  • Best coffee in Rome: “S. Eustachio” near the Pantheon.  Order a “gran caffe”, it’s probably the only espresso-like coffee I’ve ever really enjoyed.
  • Some of the best gelato in Rome: “gelateria del teatro” down a lovely mostly pedestrian street.  We tried basil white chocolate, tiramisu, and tartufo (translated as “four chocolate”, although I ordered it because of the candies of the same name that my adviser sometimes brings back from his trips to Europe).  I wanted to order pistachio, but they ran out just as we were ordering, which is extremely cruel, but gives me a convenient excuse to go back.
  • Dinner: “Bir and Fud” in Trastevere (also known as the place where I saw all the young people hanging out).  We ordered pizza (margharita with San Marzano tomatoes and more buffalo mozzarella, you know, just to take full advantage of the situation) and some rare microbrewery Italian beers (a very nice IPA and a porter flavored with tobacco that was much more delicious than I expected).
The view from Piazza Navona, you know, in case you were worried that with all that walking and eating I wasn’t gawking at enough stunning architecture.

Next week I’ll be at a conference in Naples, but more updates after that (unless the talks are unbearably boring… just kidding).


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