Tomatoes and Poppies!

I may have gotten a little carried away.  This spring I tried an experiment of planting tomato, pepper, and tomatillo seeds under plastic gallon milk containers in the garden.  You see, I have a very bad history of killing seedlings started in the house, either from neglect or overabundant watering, so I thought I would try to create a greenhouse environment outside where I would remember to actually water the seedlings regularly.  I planted 9 seeds of something per mini-greenhouse (milk jug), thinking that the process was probably flawed in some way and that I might get one plant in the end that didn’t die from something or other (I’d read that tomato and pepper seeds can be hard to germinate).  Unfortunately the mini-greenhouses worked almost perfectly, leaving me with 4-8 leggy seedlings per jug that I needed, all of a sudden, to find room for.  The craziness has mostly died down now that I’ve pulled out almost everything else in the garden to make room for them.  The count?  8 tomato plants, 5 red bell pepper plants, 8 pimiento sweet red pepper plants, 4 tomatillo plants, and hopefully a couple poblano peppers as well.  Not to mention the fact that there may be some jalapeños and serranos in a couple of weeks.  Peter is, as you might imagine, ecstatic at the prospect of there being less room for cucumbers and their ilk.  I, on the other hand, have started panicking about where I will plant my summer melon seeds.  There may be a pepper-melon-off at some point, but as Peter has started doing the majority of the watering (while I do the digging, planting, transplanting, and weeding) he has the upper hand.  For now.

In other news, the summer squash plants already have large buds on them, which worries me slightly.  I don’t know if I was quite prepared for zucchini season to start in April.  At least the sweet pea blossoms are still doing their heavenly scented thing and the poppy seeds I planted in the fall are beginning to flower the most lovely, large, and delicate flowers.  How the poppy seeds migrated to various places in the flower bed when I planted them within two square feet of each other is still a mystery.

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