February Garden Tour

It feels weird to garden in February.  Where I come from, there’s so much snow on the ground right now you can barely remember what warm dirt feels like, much less plant something that doesn’t immediately become bird food.  Of course that hasn’t stopped me.  The first week back in Santa Barbara after the holidays involved some epic dirt turning followed by seed planting, and finally, after worrying that secretly the same rules apply in California as New York when it comes to gardening in the middle of the winter, stuff sprouted.  So yes, my garden looks rather brown, but there are tiny green things growing, I promise!

Highlights of the last few months involved being given tiny celery sprouts that miraculously haven’t been flooded or eaten (most new kinds of plants in my garden succumb to some sort of malady in the first month or so).

And the sweet pea plants that have been chillin on the garden fence for the last 6 months actually flowered this week.  Sweet pea blossoms produce one of my favorite flower scents; and to think, I was this close to pulling out the rather sad looking pea vines just last week.  Hurray for procrastination!

I also finally learned how to keep lettuce alive, and now it’s getting out of hand (is anyone really surprised?).  At least the kale plants are slowly becoming aphid-infested (and subsequently ripped out), the swiss chard only produces one new leaf a week, and some critter keeps eating holes in the pak choy.  All in all, Peter is very happy.

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