A Very Swedish Smorgasbord

The last few weeks have been a blur.  First there was a conference in Long Beach where I saw many astronomy friends, and then there was a week of telescope observing outside San Jose.  Each one was exhausting, but in strangely different ways.  Somehow conferences just sneak up on you, and by the last day you can do little more than sit on the couch and stare at something.  Observing on the other hand knocks you flat, like flying to the other side of the world and expecting to immediately get used to a new time-zone, but without the help of sunlight.  Now that I’m back home I’d like to post a few more Christmas pictures of the Smorgasbord my sister, Peter, and I (mostly) cooked.  After that, I promise, we’ll move on to the new year.

First we have the most important section: pickles.  And in case the pickled herring wasn’t enough fish for you, there’s also mustard-crusted salmon.  Oh, and my Mom’s new favorite salad with pears and pecans (very good!).

There were also a number of carbohydrates, including two kinds of potatoes (one with fish…) and some Swedish bread.  I can also officially say that I have made my first ham.  As someone who isn’t too fond of the traditional uber-pink ham, I was pleasantly surprised and might even say I would make it again.  Although how the “Swedish” ham my Mom was given varies from a normal ham is beyond me.

Happy New Years!

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