Even More Greens!

This year Peter and I are flying to my parents’ house in Western New York State.  I’m looking forward to snow, sledding, cutting down a Christmas tree, and eating lots of Swedish food.  Unfortunately, this also means I won’t have internet access over the holidays, so here is an early “happy holidays!” from all of us to all of yours.

As my holiday present to any of you looking for ways to get rid of too many greens that may be growing in your garden (or miraculously appearing in your fridge because they sounded like a good idea at the time), here is part two of a list of various recipes involving greens.  Today at the bookstore I also stumbled across the book Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas that taught me that I can eat both radish and turnip greens.  Peter’s response was something like “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” but I guess I can’t blame him for despairing at the never-ending pile of green leafies that slowly take over the entire bottom shelf of the fridge.  Anyways, again these recipes are mostly untested, so let me know if you try one out.

1.)  I love eggs.  This should be clear by now.  What I haven’t tried yet is Collard greens on toast with a fried egg.  Yum!  Without the toast and substituting kale, it’s a Cavolo Nero breakfast skillet.

2.)  Greens with mushrooms, or more specifically: stir fry with bok choy and oyster mushroomsThe pak choy have now sprouted (and then some), so it’s only a matter of time!  Wikipedia also warns me that pak choy is toxic when eaten raw regularly in large doses.  Definitely going to be cooking it now… thanks wikipedia!

3.)  Sausage, cream, and biscuits (with collard greens).  Enough said.

4.)  Potatoes are surprisingly good at hiding greens.  Not only does this recipe for herb garden potato salad with spinach and lemon make me want to go out and plant more greens (yikes!), but Irish colcannon has a magical way of making steamed cabbage disappear.  By the way, it took me an embarrassingly long time to find a recipe link for colcannon with cabbage instead of kale, leeks instead of other onion-like things, and less than 2 sticks of butter.

5.)  A tender greens souffle.

6.)  The starting point of endless tinkering: barley risotto, perhaps with beans and greens?  I see this getting out of hand quickly.  Especially as Peter is so good at making regular (rice) risotto.

7.)  In case the soup recipes last time didn’t suffice, how about chard and white bean stew?

8.)  And pizza!  How could I forget pizza???  Or flatbread (close-enough?), such as leek, chard and corn flatbread.

9.)  You may remember my love of all things gratin (covered in cheese), so here’s a new one: swiss chard and sweet potato gratin.

10.)  And finally, just for fun — What Michelle Obama Had for Lunch: Garlicky Spinach Pasta with Mushrooms.  (While the recipe here looks a little daunting, pasta mixed with cooked greens, sour cream, and a little hot sauce is pretty much to die for, and much much easier.)


3 thoughts on “Even More Greens!

  1. Colcannon?!? Oh my gosh, that is similar to tuna casserole in my upbringing. I never thought of using anything other than cabbage. Another cabbage dish is tomato sauce on boiled cabbage. It s not as bad as it sounds and more nutritious than spaghetti. Of course cabbage stuffed with rice,raisins and nuts is good but more work. Ottolenghi might have some tastier variation on the stuffed cabbage.

  2. I pair a fried egg with braised kale all the time (often in a big bowl with polenta or roast root vegetables as well). Makes a great nutrient rich meal that doesn’t take much effort.

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