A little bit of green

While Europe was fun, it’s good to be home.  Since we’ve been back, there’s been ferocious cooking of vegetables and eating of fresh fruit.  And when we’re not working, cooking, or re-watching all of 30 Rock, there’s the garden.  Oh the garden.  It was a bit depressing to return to little more than a patch of weeds more than half of the way through the summer.  After a constant stream of blisters, however (and some help from my parents while they were visiting last week), things are returning to normal.

There’s still so much to do before the end of the summer: make ketchup, pickle cucumbers and green beans, and dry mint for tea.  This morning I got a start on the last one by finally eradicating one of the mint patches in my garden.  Mint is ferocious.  I decided to plant squash  in its place just in case the mint comes back from the dead, since squash just needs room to spread out its leaves.  Now the mint is hanging in bunches by the back window after a good washing.  Mwahahahahha.

I’ve never collected dried beans from the garden before, but these ones in light green and dark purple were so pretty that I couldn’t control myself and I spent way too long shelling them while everyone else was busy digging.  I’m not sure what kind of bean they are.  My guess is fava beans, but I’ve never seen purple favas before.  Karina planted them in the beginning of the summer and they ripened in July while we were gone.


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