Thank Goodness for Florence

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand another overcast and chilly day in the middle of July, Peter and I left Copenhagen for Florence.  Unfortunately, it’s like the weather gods are taunting me, because now it’s so hot that we try not to be out and about between 3-6pm when the temperature is still high and the humidity spikes.  Our hotel room is air-conditioned, which doesn’t help the daily shock of going outside.  At least the mornings are nice and cool and the evenings stay just warm enough to wear a tshirt.  Our hotel is most of the way up a hill next to the city and downtown is only a half-hour walk away (the down-hill trip anyways).

A carriage horse taking a (well-deserved) break with some hay.  It's driver is probably off making tomato sauce (as will be explained in a moment). 

The biggest, baddest church of them all. What blows me away is how colorful it is from the green, pink, and white rock. The detail is extraordinary. Unfortunately it was Sunday, so we couldn't go in during the morning, and by afternoon the line was around the square.

The Duomo in the distance at night. We ate our pizza outside with a great view of the sunset behind the cityscape and took this picture while walking back to our hotel along the river.  I'm surprised the night photos turned out so well, given the amount of wine consumed at dinner.

The best part about Florence though, is the food.  Almost everything we have ordered has been phenomenal, from gelato to pizza to homemade pasta to beef stew.  My favorite dishes have been a simple vegetable soup, a dish of homemade ricotta ravioli with a red sauce containing whole roasted cherry tomatoes, and a dish of linguine with a spicy red tomato sauce.  Even the simplest things are surprisingly satisfying, and now that I’ve been eating out at restaurants for going on three weeks, much appreciated.  Oh, and the wine.  I don’t normally drink too much wine with dinner, but when 0.5 liters of wine is 4 euros, who can resist?  The only challenge is finding restaurants that aren’t over-priced tourist traps, because let me tell you, the tourists are everywhere.

Pizza with mushrooms and cured pork product. Surprisingly tasty given my apathy towards any sort of pork (except bacon of course).

When we haven’t been eating, we’ve been walking.  Peter trekked up one of the hills by the city to take some beautiful shots of the Duomo and river bridges in the distance.


2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Florence

  1. Comment from Mary: We’re really enjoying the pictures, and humor! What a place. Bubba knew you would love Florence!

    • Are you all still in Maine? Peter and I are in France now, but we can only get internet at our hotel in the lobby… which is under construction… so we probably won’t get to writing any Paris blog posts until we get home. The food is delicious here though! Last night we went out to a very nice restaurant with fantastic French food where the bartender was American and the soundtrack was Bob Dylan. I felt strangely at home.

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