Jazz and Murals

There were tons of trees, benches, water, etc., all around the city. Made for a pleasant walking experience.

Hey folks, Peter here. I’m going to put up just a few pictures of all the walking around I did in Copenhagen while Anna was hard at work. The main attractions were murals and a jazz festival… and stay tuned for the Poopman conspiracy.

These swans are prettier than the earlier swans. There were also tons of them. This was just the best close-up shot I got.

First of many paintings / graffiti on the buildings. This was vaguely a reflection of the pond (previously shown, with swans) across from it. And it had other green things in it.

For sample two, we have Poopman's tag, as well as birthday wishes. Not sure who the mysterious Poopman is; we can only imagine.

Ah, it all comes together. Clearly, Operation Copenhagen is a conspiracy by the mysterious Poopman to cover the walls of the city with paint. It has apparently succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of the locals, as seen by the birthday wishes previously.

Of course, what would Copenhagen be without bicycles? We now know how Poopman gained the support of the locals: by showing his solidarity with their main mode of transport. This work, as we can see, was done by Poopman's lieutenant, Tomcat.

Change of gears: the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. This is the Someone-or-other Trio. Obscured: the drummer. Not shown: animation of the bassist showing the true amount of his jammin'. (He was really fun to watch.)

And finally, we'll close with the winner for Best Company Slogan: Denmark. (Also: Poopman resurfacing?)


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