Surviving in Copenhagen

Here is the second installment of Copenhagen pictures.  I’ve also learned a couple things in the last two weeks; they are in absolutely no particular order:

  1. It is gorgeous here.
  2. But, the weather only behaves when visitors are in town.  In the first week it didn’t rain once and threatened to rain almost every day.
  3. It’s better not to ask if someone speaks English.  If they do (95% chance), they’ll be offended, and if they don’t, they won’t understand you anyways.
  4. Forget about converting Danish Kroner to USD when it comes to eating out, since a $10 coffee drink is just absurd, but so is having a sleep-deprivation induced meltdown.
  5. You will wake up at around 5am every morning whether you like it or not (sunrise is at 4:30am).  The eye mask may let you fall back asleep until your alarm goes off, but it refuses to stay put until after 5am no matter how much tape you stick to your face.  Just kidding, I have no tape, but now I’m tempted to try using bandaids.
  6. Adding to a tendency towards sleep deprivation, you will not notice that it’s time for bed until the sun finally goes down at 10pm.  Unfortunately you will always be at least a half-hour walk from your hotel.
  7. Cafeteria food is just as bad here as in the US, and perhaps even more unrecognizable.
  8. I never really left California: the temperature is still 70 degrees, it hasn’t rained, the bikes run you over if you don’t look both ways when crossing the bike lane, everyone is blonde and in excellent shape, and the architecture has a coherent theme.

Path to the ocean in Roskilde.

On the canal tour through Copenhagen. The sides of the canal were lined with old ships converted into houseboats (the low-bridges separating the tall sailboats from the ocean gave them away).

View over the lakes while eating dinner.

Royal guard by the palace in downtown Copenhagen. Unfortunately the royal family wasn't home (their flags were not out).

The King's garden of pretty hedges and tree-lined paths.

Home of the crown jewels by the King's garden.

Danish pastries. Amazingly not called danishes. The one on the right has a buttery crust covered in chocolate and a puff of whipped cream that is then bejeweled with strawberries.



5 thoughts on “Surviving in Copenhagen

  1. Enjoyed your Danish pictures! We’re in Maine and the temps are in the 80’s with high humidity. We’ve all been swimming once, and it was so refreshing. Everyone’s going to Belfast this afternoon, and I’ll stay back with the bald eagles, loons, and osprey and read your blog. Share more as you go about your travels. We’re loving it!

    • That sounds like a lot of fun! We’re in Florence now and it’s so hot that I wish I could go swimming anywhere and everywhere. There is a river here, but it looks rather gross for swimming.

  2. Looks so beautiful Anna! Especially the pastries 🙂 I can’t imagine those long days but I kinda think I would love them! (except the sleep deprivation part) Can’t wait to have you back but enjoy your time in Europe (so jealous!!)

    • I’ve been having a really good time but I do miss cooking like crazy, so a part of me is really looking forward to being home. We should definitely have a bbq or potluck or picnic the weekend after Peter and I return (the 28th?).

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