Dark Chocolate Pudding

Does anyone else have brilliant moments of food inspiration while they’re falling asleep?  This is the second time this week that I’ve thought of something sweet while nodding off.  The first time resulted in a hilarious molasses meringue.  As Peter put it, molasses is the anti-meringue: sticky and thick.  It ended in a puddle; never again.  After learning my lesson, I decided to (almost) follow an actual recipe for my second brilliant food thought, chocolate pudding.  The Commonsense Kitchen has a dreamy chocolate pudding recipe involving both cocoa and 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate.  I ate it for dinner.

Dark Chocolate Pudding
(4 medium bowls of pudding)
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 cups whole milk
3 egg yolks
1 ounce unsweetened chocolate
Mix the sugar, cornstarch, salt, and cocoa powder in a medium sauce pan with a whisk to get out the clumps.  Separate the egg yolks and mix them with a fork in a small heat-proof bowl.  Pour about half of the milk into the sauce pan and mix it with the powders until all the clumps are gone.  Add the rest of the milk and turn the heat on low.  Mixing every minute or so, heat the pudding just until it starts to steam and gets slightly thick.  Then take the sauce pan off the heat and spoon a bit of pudding slowly into the egg yolks to acclimate them to high temperatures, mixing the egg yolks constantly.  Pour the heated egg yolks and pudding back into the sauce pan and mix everything well.  Put the sauce pan back on the low heat, stirring fairly often or even continuously until the pudding begins to simmer.  Once you see bubbles, stir the pudding on the heat for 1 minute and then take the pudding off the heat for good.  Add the ounce of unsweetened chocolate and mix until the chocolate has melted and been evenly incorporated.  Let the pudding sit for 10 minutes while you get out pretty bowls to put it in.  Pour the pudding into bowls, let cool, and enjoy.  Or, eat it warm with a big smile and lots of chocolate on your face, like me.


4 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Pudding

  1. I have no idea of comments made months and months after the post get replies, but I was searching for “molasses meringue” because–like you–I had the random thought when going to bed last night that molasses (or maple syrup) might be a perfect vehicle for bacon meringues. I’ve been asked to make bacon meringues as a challenge for a potluck/party (my friends are cool like that) and my first attempt just didn’t work well flavor wise. The saltiness of the bacon made the usual meringue flavor seem weird and almost chemical. My question for you is whether you used a direct addition of molasses (which would seem tricky due to the moisture) or if you boiled it first to a soft ball stage and then streamed it in like you would for an Italian meringue. I know that honey meringues are possible using that method and the acid in molasses doesn’t seem like a problem since cream of tartar is also an acid. But, honestly, I’d rather not wind up with a batch of sad little dark puddles so any thoughts you have are most welcome.

    • Hi!
      Yes, I am a meringue novice and added the molasses in directly. If you can figure out how to make it work by boiling the molasses first, I’d be happy to hear about it. As it is, I will probably just move on to other-flavored meringues, and only come summertime when it isn’t so darn humid!
      Good luck!

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