Merry Christmas!

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday!  We’ve been busy making Estonian Kringel bread (a favorite of Peter’s family), although to be honest my only contribution was to braid it.  Unfortunately there are no Kringel photos, due to a busy Christmas morning involving waking up early to open presents before running off to have a Christmas brunch with Peter’s extended family (to which the Kringel was our humble offering).  The other major culinary accomplishment of the last few days was to finally put together a gingerbread house using the recipe for Gingerbread People Cookies.  While we had been planning to pay homage to the Tower of London, we thought it may be difficult to construct so many towers.  Last year we tried the Parthenon and used a rather disgusting-tasting white frosting as glue to keep the structure together; the frosting was very effective, but it made eating the gingerbread Parthenon a little tricky.  And yes, we do eat our gingerbread houses, because gingerbread is delicious!  This time we used toothpicks and string to keep the house together and finished it off with chocolate ganache and unsweetened coconut.  Did anyone else make a gingerbread structure this year?


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