Mexico: Pyramids and Almost Wild Animals

Let’s just pretend this is actually a travel blog for just a moment.  The Mexican pyramids at Teotihuacan are the only ones I’ve ever seen, but even on my second visit there, with Peter in addition to Meredith this time, they were astounding.  We walked to the top of the larger pyramid, the pyramid of the Sun, but only part of the way up the pyramid of the Moon because higher levels were closed.  Walking up the pyramids is the easy part, because coming down there aren’t many handrails, and the steps are steep.  I wanted to join the small children going down by sitting on each step, one at a time.  Peter also pointed out that you could just slide down the side of the pyramid on a plastic bag, at which point I was happy I had him distracted helping me not freak out on the descent.

One of our other favorite places in Mexico was Chapultepec, a large park only a short bus ride away.  This park has really got it going on: it has a castle, a lake (the color of green goo), a rockin’ anthropology museum that we didn’t have time to visit, and a free zoo!  I think we (I) took more pictures of cute animals than anything.

And now, the winner for most strung out:

If only one of them had been swimming, or perhaps doing a graceful ballet number as per Fantasia.


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