Dulce de Leche for Someones Sweet

My sister brought us some wonderful gifts from the East Coast, like my favorite milk chocolate cows with peanut butter, dresses, a cooking apron, and a container of dulce de leche.   While I was pretty sure what to do with the first three, the dulce de leche presented overwhelming opportunities.  I imagined some complicated custard or delicious pudding.  But now she’s leaving tomorrow and I’ve run out of time.  To no one’s surprise, google saved me with the simplest recipe for a pie ever posted on the internet: take one oreo cookie crust, spread in a layer of dulce de leche, and top it with whipped cream (and candy bar pieces on top if you want to go crazy).  All I can say is good thing we had s’mores last week and as a result have a box of graham crackers that need to be used up.  So the crust is graham cracker based instead of oreos and there aren’t pieces of candy on top… and the layer of whipped cream is about 1/5 the thickness of the pie in the picture, but let me tell you: never was a pie so simple and so delightfully good.

While I would have been happy to eat pie for dinner, instead we made pesto and pasta, and ate juicy slices of cantaloupe from our Thursday farmer’s market adventure.


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